2020 Serbia 1 oz Silver 100 Dinar Nikola Tesla: X-Ray

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This 1 oz .999 fine Silver coin from the Republic of Serbia commemorating Nikola Tesla is the second coin in the new series. Each coin in the series will feature a prominent invention that helped shape the world we live in today.

This series will run for several years with each coin commemorating some of Nikola Tesla's greatest inventions. Nikola Tesla is one of the most brilliant minds in history and his inventions helped propel our future. In fact, we still use many of his inventions today which is a testament of his creativity and forward thinking.

Coin Highlights:
  • Mintage of 50,000 worldwide.
  • Contains 1 oz of .999 fine Silver.
  • Individual coins come in protective packaging.
  • Obverse: Features an iconic image of Nikola Tesla with his hand resting against his face. Below the image is the inscription “Electrical Visionary” and “Powering The Future”. Near the outer rim of the coin is Nikola Tesla’s name in English and in Serbian Cyrillic.
  • Reverse: Features the Republic of Serbia coat of arms centered above along with a highly detailed image of one of Nikola Tesla’s greatest inventions: an X-ray image of a hand. Additionally each coin displays the weight, purity and Silver content along with the date and denomination.
  • Sovereign coin backed by the Serbian government.

Tesla was truly a remarkable person that devoted his life to discovery while additionally relishing the role of showmanship. Tesla became well known as an inventor and would even demonstrate his achievements to celebrities and wealthy patrons at his lab, and was noted for his showmanship at public lectures.

Born and raised in the Austrian Empire, Tesla received an advanced education in engineering and physics in the 1870s and gained practical experience in the early 1880s working in telephony and at Continental Edison in the new electric power industry. He emigrated to the United States in 1884, where he would become a naturalised citizen. He worked for the Edison Machine Works in New York City a short time before he struck out on his own.

In 1887, Tesla met two investors who agreed to back the formation of the Tesla Electric Company. He set up a laboratory in Manhattan, where he developed the alternating current induction motor, which solved a number of technical problems that had bedevilled other designs. When Tesla demonstrated his device at an engineering meeting, the Westinghouse Company made arrangements to license the technology, providing an upfront payment and royalties on each horsepower generated.

The so-called “War of the Currents” was raging in the late 1880s. Thomas Edison promoted direct current, asserting that it was safer than AC. George Westinghouse backed AC, since it could transmit power over long distances. Because the two were undercutting each other’s prices, Westinghouse lacked capital. He explained the difficulty and asked Tesla to sell his patents to him for a single lump sum, to which Tesla agreed, forgoing what would have been a vast fortune had he held on to them.

With the World’s Colombian Exposition of 1893 looming in Chicago, Westinghouse asked Tesla to help supply power; they’d have a huge platform for demonstrating the merits of AC. Tesla helped the fair illuminate more light bulbs than could be found in the entire city of Chicago, and wowed audiences with a variety of wonders, including an electric light that required no wires. Later Tesla also helped Westinghouse win a contract to generate electrical power at Niagara Falls, helping to build the first large-scale AC power plant in the world.

Tesla lived in a time when the world demanded results that were practical and profitable rather than revolutionary. To this point, Tesla spent most of his career being broke and eventually died penniless and alone in a New York City hotel room.

One of Tesla's final gifts to the world was a tower near New York City that would have provided free wireless energy to the entire world. The man who financed the construction of the tower shut it down when he learned that there would be no way to regulate the energy which would mean no return of profit on his investment.

It is said that he held ovents with some of his most notable being the alternating current, electric motors, remote control, television, radio, x-rays, cell phones, robotics, lasers, turbine engines, magnetic propulsion, drones, solar power adaptations, weather manipulation, particle beams and electromagnetic energy (Tesla coil).

Today, because of Nikola Tesla, we enjoy some many wonderful inventions that have changed the world. And, his inventions continue push us toward the future while challenging and changing the world around us.

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