1976 Queen Elizabeth II 200th Anniversary of US Independence Silver Proof Stamp Replica Silver Proof Bar

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This is a silver commemorative stamp replica, issued by The Danbury Mint, to commemorate the 200th Anniversary of US independence.



The obverse features the Queen's portrait, with the US eagle on one side, and the English lion on the other. The dates July 4th, 1776 and July 4th 1976 show the year that the US became independent, and the year it celebrated its bicentennial.

The reverse says "In Commemoration of the State Visit of Queen Elizabeth II to the United States on the Occasion of the 200th Anniversary of U.S. Independence.


Description - 1976 Silver Proof Stamp Replica

Length - 64mm

Width - 32mm

Weight - 47.47g

Alloy - 0.925

ASW - 1.1497

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